Hybrid Servers

By SigniFlow®
The most secure way to connect your business

Hybrid Servers

By SigniFlow®
The most secure way to connect your business

For the security conscious

SigniFlow delivers enterprise-grade on-premise and self-hosted solutions.

Deploy SigniFlow where it suits you

  • On-premise
  • Enterprise Data Centre
  • Hyperscale Data Centre (E.g Microsoft Azure)
  • Telecom Data Centre

Choose your deployment platform

  • HyperVisor Virtual Machine (VM) environment
  • Modernised containerised cluster (E.g Kubernetes)
  • Legacy deployment as Windows IIS application
  • SigniFlow Hosting (Azure Kubernetes)

Design your high-availability by component

  • SigniFlow Web application (single-server, multi-server or load-balanced for H/A)
  • Document Management Interface (DMI) (single/multi-server, or containers for H/A)
  • Windows Service
  • SQL Database (single-server or SQL cluster)
  • Disk drives for document folders (single-server, NAS or SAN)

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SigniFlow Azure High Availability Schematic

Hybrid server deployments

Hybrid customers enjoy the benefit of reduced user-license cost, that scale according to volume.

We Host

SigniFlow offers hosting of customer Hybrid servers in any of our world-class, certified international datacentres.

Hosted Hybrid Servers are segregated containerised instances, each with its own web application, DMI and database for the ultimate in information security.

All platforms are actively monitored and comes standard with 24/7/365 support.

Hosting packages are flexible, scalable, configurable and customisable to specific customer requirements.

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SigniFlow Components

You Host

SigniFlow self-hosted solutions offer customers that want to host the software themselves, a customisable, enterprise-grade solution.

Self-hosted solutions are more affordable and backed by SigniFlow's 24/7/365 SFCare agreement for total peace of mind.

Supports legacy Windows server platforms, HyperVisor virtual environments and modernised Containers.

Suitable for customers that have high security demands, need customisation and have the ability to self-host enterprise web applications.

Hybrid server advantages

Flexible license configuration

  • Production server licensing options
  • DEV/UAT pre-production licensing options
  • User-based licensing options
  • Document-based licensing options
  • API and open-api licensing options
  • Unique company branding options
  • Unique e-mail branding options
  • Multiple business profiles or departments on one server
  • Active Directory (AD/LDAP) Integration for SSO
  • Multi-factor Authentication options
  • SharePoint plug-in (standard)
  • Custom API
  • Custom Event Handlers (middleware)
  • Custom high-availability (H/A)
  • Custom security
  • Open Enterprise licensing available

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SigniFlow Hybrid Server Design
Unique corporate identity design options

Process Automation

Robust integration

When it comes to process automation, you have our full attention.

The SigniFlow Event Handler middleware can be configured to fire event updates from SigniFlow to any receiving system and in turn receive trigger-events from any system.

SigniFlow supports a wide variety of integrations:

  • Third-party software integration (ISV)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) integration
  • Rules Engine integration
  • Document Generation software integration
  • Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)
  • Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS)
  • Accounting and ERP systems
  • Workflow Engines

SigniFlow Integration Overview
High-level typical integration schematic


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