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The importance of signature authentication

In the legal industry, contracts are scrutinised down to the minutest details, and a signature is worth its weight in gold.

The consequences of document tampering and fraud are dire, so security is of utmost importance.

SigniFlow’s cryptographic digital signature and workflow automation software meets and exceeds the obligation to prove the identity of the signer and his intent to sign, by securing documents, making them tamper evident, and sealing them with a time-stamped chain-of-custody.


Watertight security

SigniFlow’s digital signatures use a technology known as public-key cryptography, which addresses non-repudiation in a court of law by including up to ten digital witnesses in every signature.

  1. Digital certificates: All signatures are created using digital X.509 standards for public key certificates. These incorporate Basic Electronic Signatures (BES) Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).
  2. Timestamping: Timestamping is applied through a trusted Timestamping Authority (TSA).
  3. Long-term validation: Embedded record of the state of the certificate at the time of signing.
  4. Tamper evident: Document content is protected from start to end using cryptographic algorithms.
  5. PDF audit: Full auditable X.509 trusted AATL embedment for every signer in the workflow.
  6. Audit trail: An automated history of events are logged against a unique document ID.
  7. Security audit log: Audit logs are written and sealed into the document using steganography.
  8. AATL and EUTL: Supports Adobe® Accredited Trust List and European Union Trust List.
  9. Identity: Multi-factor authentication and AD, LDAP, OAuth, SAML and other options available.
  10. Geo-location: Embedded auditable record of the geographical location of signatories.

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