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SigniFlow Cloud

Cloud or on-premise?

SigniFlow delivers enterprise-grade cloud, private cloud, public cloud and on-premise solutions, each with its own benefits.


Whether you are a single user, five user, or a two hundred user business, SigniFlow cloud is the perfect platform for a quick and easy deployment.

Let our qualified engineers take care of the datacentre and security while you take care of your business.


SigniFlow Hybrid servers offer customers that want to host the solution themselves, a customisable, enterprise-grade software solution.

Suitable for customers that have high security demands, need customisation and have the ability to self-host enterprise web applications.

The unconventional

The unconventional

We're in the business of replacing traditional eSign solutions everywhere.

Electronic signatures are simply not good enough.

Digital Signatures

The signature has evolved into its most modern form, and its not electronic. We explain the difference between electronic signatures and cryptographic digital signatures.

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Have you visited our Blog pages?

Get the latest insights, news, videos and media updates on digital -and electronic- signatures, Know Your Customer (KYC), market stats, trends and more.

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Personal Cloud Licenses

Our Cloud license options are affordable, flexible and fully scalable to your needs.


A SignFREE license is issued to anyone that receives a document to sign, or that registers on any of our global cloud servers.

Eventhough this license is free, users sign with a high-assurance certificate-based X.509 cryptographic digital signature.

SignFREE users can upload and sign an unlimited amount of documents and store up to 50 documents in their free cloud account.

SignFREE users receive 3 free workflows to send documents to others to sign for free.

To upgrade your SignFREE account, contact us.

SigniFlow - Send Track Sign File


A workflow license enables you to send an unlimited amount of documents for signature or approval.

Share your document Portfolios with your team, department or anyone's email address for them to upload documents while signing.

Design great looking forms and re-usable document templates for team members or customers to fill out and complete when signing.

Store 200 documents for free in the cloud or upgrade to unlimited storage in our super secure document vault.

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Business Cloud Licenses

Turn your business into a digital power-house with SigniFlow's Business Cloud offerings.

Business Cloud

A Business Cloud account allows multiple users of the same business to be linked under one business account/ profile.

Share forms, documents, portfolios, templates, system configurations and branded emails across the enterprise.

Business Administrators (power users) are able to change configurations, add and remove users, manage templates and more.

Includes Microsoft SharePoint, Word, Excel and Outlook plugins. Install our desktop Windows App to assist the executive on the move.

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Pro Cloud

Advanced Electronic Signatures.
SigniFlow is fully integrated with various Certificate Authorities around the world to offer local compliance to AES legal requirements.

Qualified Electronic Signatures
SigniFlow is fully integrated with various European Certificate Authorities (CA) for the provisioning of eIDAS compliant QES signatures.

HSM as a service.
SigniFlow offers Public/Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) based Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a service for cloud storage and cryptographic operations of private keys.

API Cloud

Leverage the power of SigniFlow's Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) featuring 100's of RESTful API's to automate any business process.

Initiate and manage workflows steps, send documents for signing or approval, remove documents, build portfolios, apply templates  and control security.

The API comprise of granular micro-services, so even the most complex workflow scenarios can be fully automated.

With SigniFlow EasiSign user interface, there is no need for developers to build front-end signing interfaces, its all done and fully configurable to meet business requirements.


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